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Learning to play Bass?

Take advantage of Andys experience as a player and spend either half an hour or an hour progressing in a positive manner in the world of Bass, in a relaxed environment at his studio in Essex. Send him a message via the contact page with your requirements

£15.00 30 min, £25.00 1 hour


If you would like to use Skype, these lessons are proving to be the choice of many.

£12.00 30 min, £22.00 1 hour

Rhythm section workshop

Get involved with a rhythm section workshop, Andy will come to your studio and spend time mentoring you alongside your Drummer / Percussionist identifying areas to lock down the groove.

£30.00 per hour Subject to Location

Band mentoring

Andy will come to your rehearsal room and listen to your band performance and give you positive criticism in order to provoke and improve stage performance. This can be money well spent for the serious up and coming acts but beware you have to shelve the ego’s !!

£30.00 per hour (subject to location)

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